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Guide To Preparing Your Home To Sell Fast

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

My husband and I just finished preparing to put our home on the market so trust me when I say, I feel your stresses!

It's a very exciting time full of new opportunity and I hope that this guide makes it a bit easier for you to prepare, sell, and move.



What repairs need to be made to your home? Walk through every room with a pen and a notepad and note the changes or repairs that need to be made. You can also use a notes app in your phone.

  • Are there chips in tile, deep scratches in wood or cabinets?

  • Chipped paint on the trim or walls?

  • What minor repairs need to be made that have not been?

  • Do you have chipped tile?

  • Do you need to re-caulk cracks?


GET RID OF, DONATE, OR SELL This step is not only important for prospective buyers for your current house, but also for you as you think about your future house. When you move into your new house, you get the opportunity for a clean start. Get Rid Of:

Decide what you no longer need.

Go through old or expired toiletries, (makeup, travel size-items, medicine cabinet, etc). Pantry items, spices, that one junk drawer in your kitchen, garbage/attic items, your closet, etc. Donate: Have any old clothes or shoes that are in worn condition, but not ruined? Why get rid of them when you can donate. A few donation centers around the Little Rock metro area are:

Sell: There will be some items in your home that are definitely worth selling. With technology selling has never been easier. Check out your local online tag sale sites on Facebook or sell via Craigslist. Use phone apps such as Poshmark, OfferUp, eBay, etc.


DECLUTTER A prospective buyer wants to be able to picture themselves in your house. They do not want to be reminded that someone lives there today. Give your prospective buyer an opportunity to picture themselves in your house. Take everything off of your bathroom counters. Put your essentials in a bin or in the drawers/cabinets. Leave just the essentials like soap and lotion. Leave essentials you use daily in the kitchen, such as the coffee maker in our household....which is mostly essential for myself but you get the point!

STEP 4 ORGANIZE Potential buyers look into your closets and pantries, it's a part of the process. Make your house more visually appealing by keeping these areas organized. Organize your clothes in your closet. Nothing should be on the floor. If you are lacking in shelf space, you can purchase a hanging shelf unit for relative cheap like this one. Organize your pantry. Give everything a home. A place for everything, everything in it's place.

  • Those shoes that you put by the front door when you walk in… find a place in a closet for them or find a shoe rack.

  • Purses, backpacks, lunch boxes should have a home.

  • Every toy should have a bin.


CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN...and CLEAN some more! Vacuum and/or sweep daily. Trust me. My home is currently on the market and the dust builds up quickly. Shampoo/extract your carpets if you have carpet, you can rent an extractor from places like The Home Depot, or call a local company to do it for you. Dust everything- from top to bottom starting with fans, and work your way down to the baseboards. Clean the inside and outside of your windows. Polish and/or clean all metal/faucets/appliances. STEP 6

STEP UP YOUR CURB APPEAL GAME The first thing that your prospective buyer is going to see is the outside. Make sure it is inviting, fresh and makes the best first impression for the potential buyers of your home. Mow and edge your lawn. Clean up leaves/branches that have fallen. Trim bushes/shrubsaround your house. Weed flowerbeds. Lay fresh mulch. Power wash any areas that are needed including the exterior, patio, deck, driveway, fence,

STEP 7 STAGE Remove any knick-knack type items, personal photos, and replace with simple decorations like fresh flowers. Less is more! You want to provide minimal distractions while maximizing the flow and space of your home so it will show well. Remove any furniture that makes the room seem extra small as this can be a big turn off for buyers. Keep it neutral!!

If you decide to repaint any of the rooms in your house, go with a neutral color. Replace bathroom and kitchen towels with white, beige, or grey towels. STEP 8


Time for photos, marketing plan, and listing the home for everyone to see! Let the showings begin!

WHAT DO I DO ON THE DAY OF A SHOWING? Once you have all the major items complete, your daily tasks to do for a showing shouldn’t take you long. BEDROOMS

  • Make all beds.

  • Pick up anything on the floor.


  • Close the toilet seat.

  • Refold towels.

  • Declutter counters.


  • Empty sink.

  • Take out trash.

  • Declutter and wipe counters.

  • Sweep/vacuum.


  • Fold blankets and put away.

  • Fluff pillows and bedding.

  • Pick up anything on floor.

  • Turn on a few lights to accentuate the room.

  • Secure ALL valuables.

I would love to assist you in the preparation and sale of your home! Don't hesitate to call me for additional questions!

Christy Robinson

River Rock Realty


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