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Should You Sell or Renovate Your Home?

If you are considering selling your home, you are among many others in this ever-changing market.

The number one question you have to ask yourself- are you ready to say goodbye?

Do you want to move on from the home, or would a renovation make all of the difference?

Is the real estate market you are in a buyers or sellers market?

(This depends on location, feel free to message me for the scoop on your area!)

Major questions you need to ask yourself when debating on selling or renovating your home:

What do you not like about your current home? Is the factor something you cannot change like the location or land?

Is your home more on the modest side of things in the neighborhood or is it in better shape and larger?

If you renovated your home, could you see yourself living there for another 5 years?

Is your household going to be expanding any time soon?

What is the first thing you would want to do if you remodeled? Which rooms would you want to update - or would you need to remodel the entire house?

How do you feel when you think about your current home?

Still in love? Anxious? Don’t feel anything?

These are all very important things to think about before making the leap to say goodbye to your current home or fix it up. It’s the first step in the entire process.

My job is to walk you through it all, no matter what your decision may be.

Ready to talk it out?

Give me a call, text, or send a message! I’m here for you.


Christy Robinson

River Rock Realty


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