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How To Win A Bidding War

Have you ever found the perfect house only to get out-bid by another offer?

It’s happening more than ever in this competitive market, I have seen it first hand through my buyers individual journey and my own home search. 

How do you make your offer stand out among the rest? There’s no magical way to win a bidding war on a house. There are only things that will up your chances. 

Show your pre-approval upon submitting your offer. 

Sellers are wanting to get their home sold quickly, not waste time in the process. They want strong buyers who are going to see the contract through until the end. Seeing a pre-approval letter from your lender let’s the seller know you are serious and have the funds to make the deal work. 

Up your offer. 

In the game of selling homes, the best offer wins. Money talks in this game and your best bet is to come in with a higher offer than the other person, and ask for minimal items such as a home warranty. If you have a good real estate agent, they will more than likely provide you with a home warranty if you ask for one and can’t negotiate one in due to the situation. 

Give your offer a personal appeal. 

If you really love the property, it never hurts to humanize your offer with personal appeal. Let them know how much you love the property and why- be very open, honest, even a bit vulnerable about why you are the right buyer and why you feel that way. This tactic definitely won’t work on all sellers, but on a seller who themselves have a strong emotional connection with the property- it might make a positive impact. 

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